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Unknown in Geo the Movie

Unknown is a gray Metric with blue eyes and a scar running down on his nose.

Unknown's VengeanceEdit

Unknown is first seen in his house, discussing stuff with his half-brother, Geo. Geo disagrees when Unknown says he should become mates with Pinky, Geo's first and only love. He then teases Geo about if he has a girlfriend. Geo declines. Unknown comments that he's being too mature and he should be in the song White and Nerdy by Weird Al Yankovic. Geo scratches Unknown on the nose, leaving him with a scar that will be there for life. Unknown then teases about who wins, leaving Geo snapping at him for doing that and that he'll be scarred for life. Geo then teases about if he's white and nerdy. Geo: Who's white and nerdy now? Unknown: Very funny, Geo. Unknown is then seen about to kill Kaul, but luckily Geo rushes over to the young Kaulerwun.Geo hits him angrily and yells at him for 5 straight minutes. Geo: How could you? You're my half-brother! Unknown: But, he was annoying me. I wanted him to stop, so I THREATENED him. Not trying kill him or mooning over him like you do with Pinky, Geo." Geo: *turns red* I do not!" Unknown races into the forest, carrying Kaul and cackling at the top of his lungs. Geo grabs the young Kaulerwun and tries to hit Unknown again. Unknown leads Geo into the spike forest where Clubstep is playing and he sneers at Geo about not being fast. Unknown: Ha! You turtle! Geo hits himself on a spike and starts to bleed badly. Geo loses a lot of blood, but he'll live. Geo then spits at Unknown, who is snickering at him. Limping, Geo follows his half-brother into his house and leaves blood everywhere, Unknown gets mad and throws him into his bedroom. The wound opens up again. Unknown:Look what you've done!" Geo clenches his teeth in agony as blood splashes onto the bedsheet. Unknown grits his teeth in anger and annoyance. Kaul then fixes Geo up, to Unknown's sake. Unknown then murders Fire, Dash's mate. Geo calls her and Unknown can hear him and Dash and hears the she-metric crying loudly in the phone. Unknown spits angrily and he storms into the room; Geo's wound is sort of raw, it's leaking blood again. Unknown tries not to explode in rage and start cussing in front of him, he'd look stupid. Geo is then done gossiping with Dash, he asks what Unknown wants. He then sees the blood on the floor and starts wailing, much to Unknown's annoyance. Geo: I'm gonna die!" Unknown: No you're not. It's just a little blood. More coming soon

Geo The MovieEdit

Unknown doesn't formally appear in Geo The Movie but is listed in the ranks.