Pinky (PNG)

Pinky is a light, lean, she-metric with a pink digita and yellow eyes.

Geo's Quest for Ultimate DestructionEdit

She is first seen telling Geo about Ultimate Destruction, a level that was burned on purpose by evil Metrics. She leans on him. Suddenly she snaps at him that she could talk more if she wanted to when Geo asks if it's too hard to spill the beans. Pinky then wanders after Sammy (Fanslaughter) into the kitchen. Geo scolds her for running and she agrees not to do it again. Pinky mutters agreement. Suddenly she fixes Geo with a gaze he won't forget, so he stares back, completely unaware that Sammy is standing there too, so he breaks her gaze when she understands them, saying that romance was the issue. Pinky blinks but keeps staring until Geo stalks into the bathroom. Later she calls for Geo, but he doesn't answer. She is later seen about to jump on Geo, but Kaul stops her and murmurs something in her ear. She then agrees not to and she runs into Sammy, who had wandered into the room to talk to her father. Sammy cries out, and Pinky apologizes. Sammy glares at her for a minute, then continues walking towards the scarred Geo. Pinky is mentioned by Geo to be bossy, unknowing that Pinky is standing outside the door, her eyes burning yellow fire now. Geo apologizes at once when she threatens to murder him. Kaul stops her just in time, protective of his friend. Pinky then grabs Sammy and buckles her up when Geo agrees to take her to daycare, when she buckles her up, Pinky asks for the phone, Unknown answers that he will watch her for as long as he needs to, he was prepared for this "crap". Then when she drops off her two children, she and Geo drive out into Geo Town, which was named after Geo. Suddenly she asks Geo if he dropped off Ikasas. Geo says he did, for there is not a single peep out of the backseat. Pinky declines, for his baby bottle is still there. Geo lets his head fall on the wheel, for the car drives into the woods and into nowhere.