A Kaulerwun is a round ball like Kaul is, they can befriend a Metric or befoe one.

Famous KaulerwunEdit

5 top famous Kaulerwun are


Peter H Koler

Mach Unicy

Zach Jax

Marty Hones

Harold Makingsome

Hope you enjoy the story, its long and boring.

The First OneEdit

A baby ball like figure was born a long time ago, from 2 Metrics. They called it a Kaulerwun. Sticking a note inside the blanket, they hid him inside a cave in the canyons. 1 year later, Geo Fanslaughter came along, a young, kind lad, he picked him up. Naming the baby Kaul, 10 years later Kaul became a young, strong lad with an unknown eye color and a red digita. (A digita is a background color of your icon.) Then, 2 years later, Zach Jax was born, and raised in Geo's birth town. Geo, however, had no kids with Pinky that year, but she was sure they would. As her promise, Sammy was born. She is respected well by her friends when they found out she was born in a blizzard.