Kaul (PNG)

Kaul is a bright red Kaulerwun with an unknown eye color. He is shy and gets easily scared.


Geo and Pinky are looking for Kaul in their "igloo". Suddenly he pops out of the snow with a bird hanging out of his mouth. Geo mutters an ungrateful thanks as he flings the bird towards Geo. Pinky shoves Geo. Geo sarcastically says thanks and throws the bird into the blizzard when Pinky and Kaul aren't looking. Kaul notices that Geo smells like frog or something. He comments that Geo isn't a cat. Geo retorts that he shouldn't have caught that bird, for all of them aren't cats. Kaul snaps at him for saying that, saying that there wasn't a single apple on a tree or a cherry. Geo snorts. Ignoring him, Kaul helps Pinky with Sammy (Fanslaughter) and shoots an angry glance at his friend.

Unknown's VengeanceEdit

Kaul is wrestling with Sammy. Geo watches him fondly, as Pinky is making burgers over a fire. Unknown then barrels into him and jumps on Kaul's flank, asking him if he had any last words. Kaul's answer is cut off as Geo grabs the knife out of Unknown's hand, and boxes him to near death. Kaul escapes successfully, Geo doesn't, until Pinky grabs Unknown by the scruff of his neck and throws him in the woods. Kaul thanks Geo and Pinky, as they saved his life.